What about the sound of food?

//What about the sound of food?

Yummy Sound Lab at Frilagret!

Yummy Sound Lab is created by Mengting Wang, who is studying Child Culture Design (MFA) at HDK (Academy of Design and Crafts), University of Gothenburg. She found that we usually sense the food through our eyes, noses, tongues, and our hands, what about our ears? In this workshop, we are going to discover the staple food mainly by listening to them and then create ‘instruments’.

Mengting will be at Frilagret March 14 and we asked her some questions! Click here to see the event.

What does creativity mean to you?

– It is a really big question, for me it is where happiness comes from.

– This is a part of my graduation project, I also worked on ‘sense of food ‘last year in a school project, in which I created ‘food instruments’ and some other tools for a little exhibition in the library of HDK. (showed in the video). But this event is to see how participants work on the sound of staple food. So I am not the creator, they will be the creators.

Would you tell us about your event!

– In the Yummy Sound Lab workshop, participants will have a chance to make percussion music by raw staple food materials such as rice, lentil, etc. I am curious to know how people think of staple food, and will they change their perspectives on it or know something new about it after this workshop. Why I focus on sound? It is because we usually pay attention to the taste and smell of the food, not sound. I want to use sound, which is a new, even strange way to trigger interest on staple food. And why staple food? Before I started to do research on staple food, I didn’t know what they look like before they appear in the market.

– I guess a lot of us don’t know, I want to arouse people’s attention on healthy natural food and the staple food is just a starting point.

Why did you choose to be at Frilagret?

– I found Frilagret is a good platform to hold events. It is very friendly! I want more people from different backgrounds to participate the workshop.

Do you have any advice for someone who wants to do an event like yours?

– Aha, I think this question is better to answer after the workshop is finished! Now it is too early for me!

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