What is Frilagret?

Frilagret is an open cultural venue in central Göteborg. At Frilagret you come up with the ideas for the program, while we provide the space and professional support. If you are between 13 and 30 years old and have something you’d like to do at Frilagret, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We will try our very best to help you realize your project. The things that can take place at Frilagret ranges from concerts to hacker meetups, exhibitions, origami workshops, lectures, to fashion shows, please let us know about your idea!

Arrange an event at Frilagret

If you want to arrange an event at Frilagret we would like you to be between 13–30 years old. You don’t need to be able to speak Swedish, English works just as well. If you speak another language we will try to arrange an interpreter. The most important thing is that you have an idea of what it is you want to do at Frilagret. Visit the page to arrange an event and fill out the application. Try to describe it as detailed as possible and give us your preferred date, and, we will get back to you within two weeks.

Visit Frilagret

Of course you don’t have to arrange your own event to come to Frilagret, you are as welcome just to drop by. We have a café (Kafé Frilagret) where you can have a coffee or something to eat. However, you’re just as welcome just to sit down and not buying anything at all, reading a book, studying, meeting with friends. In the café you can connect to one of the free and open nets called “Nätverkstan” or “biblioteket”.

What’s up at Frilagret?

Most of the texts describing the events taking place at Frilagret are in Swedish. If you want to know more about the upcoming events you can use the Google translate function; just click ”TRANSLATE” at the upper, right corner of the page. We are aware of the poor quality of this kind of translation (and the unintentional puns sometimes resulting from it), but it will at least give you an idea of what’s going on. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to know more about a specific event! (email us at frilagret@kultur.goteborg.se).

Frilagret is part the Cultural Department of the City of Gothenburg.