Writing Session with Utblick!

/Writing Session with Utblick!
okt 15

Datum: 15 oktober 2020

Tid: 17:00 - 20:00

Inträde: Gratis


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Writing Session with Utblick!

Are you interested in politics and foreign affairs? Do you want to have your name in a web and printed magazine? Then you should come meet us from Utblick Magazine!

The 15th October as part of the UF Get Active! Week, we are hosting a writing session! This is a workshop that will focus on the next issue of the printed magazine. We will talk ideas, do writing prompts and talk about how to write interesting articles. So if this sounds like fun, please register as a member of UF GBG, and then also register for this event at the latest 14th October.

Here’s the Facebookevent! 

Hope to see lots of new faces there!
//Kind regards, Sara Razi Ullah, Editor-In-Chief of Utblick Magazine, Utrikespolitiska Föreningen Göteborg

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