Framtidsveckan: Veganism as everyday activism

/Framtidsveckan: Veganism as everyday activism
Nov 06

Datum: 6 november 2019

Tid: 18:00 - 19:30

Inträde: Gratis


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Veganism as everyday activism

Welcome to GU-CAS evening lecture with Kadri Aavik, Wednesday the 6th November at Frilagret!

Veganism as everyday activism: vegan men addressing animal exploitation and climate change in everyday life.

In the era of the Anthropocene, we are amidst a global ecological crisis, as humanity is irreversibly shaping the Earth’s biosphere. Climate change has a gender dimension: it has been found that men as a social group cause more harm to the environment than other genders. There has been little attention to men as agents of positive change in this context. Kadri Aavik examines vegan men’s roles as active participants in challenging exploitative human-animal relations and in fostering more sustainable ways of living.

In the context of the Anthropocene it is crucial to understand and encourage social practices, identities and forms of activism that support more sustainable ways of living, and here veganism is understood to be central. Kari Aavik argues that veganism can be conceptualised as a form of everyday activism, and focuses especially on the role of vegan men.


The building is accessible with access ramp, wide doors, big WC and hearing aid (please let us know in advance if you’re in need of hearing aid).

GU-CAS will provide free vegan snack!

Kadri Aavik is Associate Professor of Gender Studies at Tallinn University, Estonia, and postdoctoral researcher at the University of Helsinki, Finland. She works in gender studies, critical animal studies and vegan studies – and their intersections. Her research interests in this area include studying vegan identities and practices from a gender perspective, and the engagement of institutions with veganism and vegans.

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