Utställning: What a banana has in common with a ski slope

/Utställning: What a banana has in common with a ski slope
aug 25- aug 29

Datum: 25 augusti 2020 - 29 augusti 2020

Tid: Öppet enligt ordinarie öppettider.

Inträde: Gratis

Övrigt: I Frilagrets Blackbox


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What a banana has in common with a ski slope av Monika Balu

 Who is Monika?

– Monika Balu (b. 1994) is a Lithuanian artist currently based in Gothenburg, Sweden, where she recently graduated from MFA in Photography. Balu’s research encompasses topics such as the relationship between photography and sound, as well as audiology and hearing perception. Her artistic work aims to translate auditory experiences to visual language and text.

What do you want to say about your art? 

– My biggest joy is finding a way to invent a visual language that communicates my ideas. For example, how a struggle to hear can be depicted using photography, or how one sense can be swapped for another. Yellow is a central colour in my practice for it is the most difficult and uncomfortable to read when, for example, yellow text is placed on white background. Inspired by audiology and my own hearing experience, I apply gained knowledge of terms and diagrams to my artistic practice.

Why do you want to exhibit at Frilagret?

– I like the venue of Frilagret and how accessible it is to diverse public. The exhibition spaces intrigue me to showcase art – especially the black room. I would also like to share my experiences and have a dialogue with the public.

Future dreams in relation to your / your artistry?

– I guess I don’t ever want to be tired of making new work.

//Monika Balu