INSTÄLLT! The Last Exam Kiki Ball

/INSTÄLLT! The Last Exam Kiki Ball
mar 14

Datum: 14 mars 2020

Tid: 17:00 - 21:00

Inträde: Gratis


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The Last Exam Kiki Ball

Welcome back to the school bench! In Gothenburg, the most of us are still freshmen in the scene, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to flunk out tonight. The ball will take inspiration from iconic moments in American High School and College history. Take notes and don’t miss your exam!








Doors open 17.00, LSS starts 18.00


50 kronor, pay in advance to secure your ticket

No alcohol allowed



“A kiki is a low-key function, sometimes including dancing and friendly competition. Always fun, never serious. The kiki ballroom scene is focused heavily on community, and events are often run by up-and-coming members of the scene.” (explained in this link)

The ballroom culture celebrates love, fashion, creativity, queerness, dance and individuality. A ball is a place of tolerance and mutual respect. A place where everybody is welcome regardless of gender, sexuality, race, and ethnicity. A place where we celebrate and respect each other and honor those who have paved the way for the culture.

If you are not a part of the scene, please be mindful of the space you take up. This is a safe space, do not touch any of the participants or make funny faces. If you are new in the scene and want to walk, please do your research about the history and your category before you hit the runway. If you have questions, please message Sofia Sugar Campbell and she will help you.

Ballroom history


Ballroom scenen är en TQPOC(Trans, Queer People Of Colour) kultur som föddes från den rasism som queens of color fick utstå under 30-talets drag-scene i New York. De beslutade sig för att under 60-talet att hålla i egna drag-balls. På 70-talet öppnade Crystal Labeija det första huset Labeija som ett PR-trick, och snart hade en kultur börjat växa med olika hus som var ett hem för många hemlösa QPOC med en överordnad mamma och/eller pappa. Dessa hus tävlade i kategorier som realness, mode och den nya ikoniska dansstilen voguing. Mycket har hänt sedan dess, och just nu är dansstilen voguing femme väldigt inne i populärkultur, men kulturen bakom dansen är fortfarande väldigt okänd för många.


The Ballroom scene is a TQPOC (Trans, Queer People Of Color) culture that was born from the racism that the queens of color endured through the 1930s drag scene in New York. They decided in the 60s to keep their own drag balls, and in the 70s, Crystal Labeija opened the fist house, house of Labeija as a PR trick. Soon a culture had begun to grow, with various houses that were home to many homeless QPOCs with a parent mom and/or dad. These houses competed in categories such as realness, fashion and the new iconic dance style voguing. A lot has happened since then, and right now is the dance style of voguing femme very much in popular culture, but the culture behind the dance is still very unknown to many.


This kiki will test out categorizing some of the categories after your personal energy instead of gender or sexuality, choose the one you feel comfortable in. Please DM Sugar with any questions beforehand.

OTA Hands Performance, The talent show

For your tens: tell us a story about your talent using a prop in any way, it can be a magic trick or telling a story with your hands about another talent you have. Suggetions on other talents could be playing the violin och being a mind reader, the important part is obviously to win the show and snatch that trophy.
No particular outfit required.

Bizarre, The burn book

The burn book is a dark part of the movie Mean girls, it tells tales of secrets, bullying and hate. How would the book look as a creature of it’s own? Create your monster, the judges will judge on how weird/creative/disgusting/ovah and out of this world your interpretation is.

Fashion killa, Dionne Davenport

The iconic Dionne from Clueless always dresses to the T. We all love her upscaled street fashion, take inspiration and show up in a 90s look worthy her name
NOTE: Cultural appropriation of Dionnes hair is not welcomed.

Fag out/ Dyke out, Prom

You’re going to prom bitch! The judges will judge upon who celebrates themselves in the most creative/confident/funny/ovah way. Remember, your prom look, entrance and performance should scream queer above all. Make us all gag and win Prom Qween.

Runway OTA, Elle Woods

Legally blonde hit us all like a pink brick to the head and told us that anyone can be anything is a stylish look. Elle Woods is an iconic representative of the color pink, tonight we will serve the color pink head to toe in her name. Both All American and European Runway will be in pink. (Pink shoes are optional)

Reality- Class-president

(This is a take on realness, but focusing only on character and open for all lgbtqia+ folks.)

You are in the running for class-president and are trying to win votes from your schoolmates. Make the judges believe your performance, both lookvise in a authentic class-president look and in your acting. As a professional politician, convince them on why they should vote for you. Props are allowed. All the contestants compete for one GP.

Masculine energy: Accessory in purple
Feminine energy: Accessory in yellow
Androgynous energy: Accessory in pink


The category calls for how you think a real student would dress and act, this is not halloween or “sexy student”.

New way VS Old Way, Nerds VS Jocks

The jocks are the popular hotties, and today they feel like challenging the nerds at school. But little did they know, the nerds hit hard and fiercely. Step out and make the jocks see what you’re made of. The styles battle for a separate trophy to choose their leader that will win them the GP.
New Way: Nerds- Glasses and a tie is a must
Old way: Jocks- a sport outfit or a varsity jacket is a must

Face OTA, The unibrow

We all remember the grown brows look being bullied in high school movies. Show the world unibrows is chic and cool with an makeup look incorporating a unibrow. Make sure you also show off your beautiful bone structure, clear skin, white teeth, lovely eyes and cute nose.


Masculine energy: Incorporating orange and gold
Feminine energy: Incorporating pink and red
Androgynous energy: Incorporating silver and blue

Baby Vogue, Gym class

You are the new kid in class and it’s time for P.E. Make them know that you are not to be messed with. You have walked not more than 3 times and have never won your performance category. Pick any one of the three styles: new way, old way or vogue femme, and walk in a outfit representing your favorite sport.

Body OTA, Car wash fundraiser

Since your sorority is running dry on money to fund their parties, you need to take action. Welcome the neighborhood to a car wash fundraiser with a revealing outfit to draw attention to that ovah body and earn those coins FAST. Outfit is up to you, but you may take some inspiration from the iconic scene from “Cool hands Luke”, that set the tone for other films to come. Luscious body. Fitness/model body.

Sex siren OTA, Sex Ed

Whilst being sexy is key, serving safe sex is a statement. Condoms is an all time representative of Sex Ed, and are produced to fit both cocks and(but rarely talked about)cunts. Tonight, your outfit will be (entirely or to some degree) made out of see-through materials or latex in the name of condoms.
Heels/Shoes must be(to some degree) see through or latex. If not, don’t wear shoes at all, but don’t walk on your toes please. Masculine energy: (MF and Lion babe). Feminine energy: (FF and Cat boy).

Punking/whacking, High school teacher

The parents of ballroom are constant teachers to their kids. Tonight, lets celebrate them by battling in the sister style of vogue! Walk in a outfit suitable for a teacher and whack away, to show that talent and brains do come hand in hand.

Vogue femme OTA to a 90’s beat, Clueless

Clueless is the 90s high school movie that is to this day the most iconic of them all. For your tens you will vogue to a random song from the era of 1990, the decade the film was released. For you outfit, be inspired by one of the ovah looks from the film and make Cher Horowitz proud.

We will try to have the category open to all

Two trophies

Soft&Cunt OTA
Dramatics OTA

One suprise category TBA

Ballroom terms

* OTA – Open to All

* Female figure – Cis Woman, Femme queen, drags, Butch Queen Up In Drags

* Male Figure – Butch queen, Transman, Butch

* Femme queen (FQ) – Trans woman

* Butch queen (BQ) – Gay man

* Lion babe – Femme presenting Masc

* Cat Boy – Masc presenting Femme

* GP- Grand Prize

* Shade – To throw attitude and indirect insults

* Dip – A stunt that is the ! of you performance, the soft and the dramatic dip is called the same, they are NEVER called “shablam” or “death drop”.

* Chop – Being cut from a category. Getting chopped means you are not ready to advance to the battles of that category.

* WALK (A CATEGORY) – To enter a category in a ball.

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