Here/Say + Gloaming

/Here/Say + Gloaming
apr 22

Datum: 22 april 2021

Tid: 18:30 - 19:50

Inträde: Gratis

Övrigt: Livesänds från Frilagrets Facebooksida.


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Here/Say + Gloaming

A double feature evening, presenting two unique dance films, followed by a live talkback with Emilie Leriche (Choreographer – Here/Say, Dancer – Gloaming) and Sabine Groenendijk (Dancer -Gloaming), as well as a prerecorded interview with Alice Klock and Florian Lochner (Choreographers – Gloaming).

HERE/SAY, Choreographed by Emilie Leriche

Where we end, will not be where we begin.
Though both will be “here.”
And somewhere between our actions and our words,
lies what we are trying to “say.”

But you have to be here.
You have to hear it,
-Taking my hand-,
You have to say it.

“Here/say” is a piece that exists -in simple terms- as a conversation between two people; where dialogue melts into movement, movement back into dialogue, and in the end both serve the same purpose of revealing the complexities that lie in communicating with each other.

GLOAMING, a FLOCK production

Gloaming explores the ending of a day or season and the sensation of experiencing this time with someone or the memory of someone. With this connection with another we feel the beauty and trust in self that can be found in atmospheres that may seem transitional or signifying of an end.

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