INSTÄLLT! From a Viking Ship to an Electric Boat

/INSTÄLLT! From a Viking Ship to an Electric Boat
apr 04

Datum: 4 april 2020

Tid: 14:00 - 15:30

Inträde: Gratis


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Dessvärre är detta event inställt! Välkommen till Frilagret vid annat tillfälle.

From a Viking Ship to an Electric Boat

Have you ever been interested in HOW and WHY does one…

–> End up in the middle of the ocean on a Viking Ship?
–> Run away with a travelling Activist Puppet Theatre?
–> Create an Art project onboard an Electric Boat?

An OPEN TALK with an open discussion!

NON alcohol & drug event

In a form of an open talk accompanied by a slideshow with photos and videos, Polina Shubina will share her experience of:

* Participating in the #ExpeditionAmerica2016 onboard a viking ship Draken Harald Hårfagre that has brought together a bunch of very different yet united by spirit people to cross the North Atlantic Ocean.

* The birth of a “sailing theatre” dream and a 6 months apprenticeship at the Bread and Puppet Theater (VT, USA).

* Work in progress on the Floating EKA project – creating an Art project onboard a 100%electric and renewably powered wooden boat in Sweden to be launched 2020!

P.S. Special thanks to Alexandra Khodot for the beautiful graphic design and creative support of the project!

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