Friplanket: Who defines femininity?

/Friplanket: Who defines femininity?
jun 01- jun 17

Datum: 1 juni 2019 - 17 juni 2019

Tid: Dygnet runt

Inträde: Gratis

Övrigt: Plats: Friplanket ligger vid Pusterviksplatsen, på andra sidan kanalen om Feskekörka.


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Friplanket: Who defines femininity?

Using this wall to display my art is the best way possible to share an important message. I hope this wall will bring up questions leading to meaningful conversations, and understanding leading to growth. I might not be able to change the world alone, but maybe I’ll be able to sow a seed in Gothenburg.

Art is my way of speaking up and showing people how I see the world.

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//FUNCYart, Fanny Hilding