Friplanket: Self-made privilege

/Friplanket: Self-made privilege
sep 07- okt 18

Datum: 7 september 2020 - 18 oktober 2020

Tid: Dygnet runt

Inträde: Gratis


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Self-made privilege av Helena Björkman

Utställning på Friplanket
Tema: Rättvisa

My love for abstract, non-figurative art lies in the fact that it does not portray a reality or absolute truth. The artist has an unlimited opportunity to influence the observer with the choice of color and shape, technology and structure. At the same time the observer is completely free to decide for themself what the artwork depicts. It calls for imagination and creativity. The idea that nothing can be anything if you look closely creates boundless possibilities. Abstract art symbolizes justice in its ultimate form. The freedom to create without rules or restrictions. The equality that anyone can practice art. Freedom of interpretation for the viewer who can perceive the imaginary motif from their own unlimited perspective. Thisorthat is about transformation and value creation. Anything can be this or that. This or that can be anything.

Vem är Helena?
– Abstract artist with passion for the art of upcycling.

Vad vill du säga med din konst?
– My ambition is to inspire, influence and evoke reflection. Anything can be this or that. This or that can be anything.

Varför vill du ställa ut på Friplanket?
– For obvious reasons. I want to reach out, be recognized and find new connections.

Vad har du för framtidsdrömmar i relation till ditt konstnärskap?
– To illustrate the possibilities in transforming the unattractive and undesirable.

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Var ligger Friplanket?

Friplanket ligger på Nya Allén, mitt emellan spårvagnshållplatsen Hagakyrkan och Järntorget. Så, går du av spårvagnen vid Hagakyrkan, håll dig till höger i riktning mot Järntorget så hittar du vår del av planket.

Friplanket är ett samarbete mellan Frilagret och Trafikverket.

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