Friplanket: Not a number

/Friplanket: Not a number
jun 17- jul 21

Datum: 17 juni 2019 - 21 juli 2019

Tid: Dygnet runt

Inträde: Gratis

Övrigt: Plats: Friplanket ligger vid Pusterviksplatsen, på andra sidan kanalen om Feskekörka.


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Not a number at Friplanket

Not a number, explores the symbiotic relationship between hospitality, immigration and identity. When you meet people as an immigrant in a new country, you quickly realise that hospitality is the foundation on which people build their new lives. Hospitality is a base to provide for themselves and others while they pursue their goals. How does this industry provide for and hinder their progress?

The project documents the stories of the people who pour your beer, cook your food, deliver your food, clean your offices, drive you home and the rest of the foundations that immigrants provide to better their and everyone’s lives.

Fred Miller is a London born Gothenburg based analogue photographer and immigrant specialising in documentary photography. You can find his website here and Instagram here!

//Fred Miller