INSTÄLLT! Friplanket: Entanglement

/INSTÄLLT! Friplanket: Entanglement
Nov 14- Nov 27

Datum: 14 november 2020 - 27 november 2020

Tid: Dygnet runt

Inträde: Gratis


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Eventet är inställt – Frilagret är tillfälligt stängt

Med anledning av den ökade smittspridningen av coronaviruset och de skärpta allmänna råden för Västra Götaland håller Frilagret och Friplanket tillfälligt stängt vilket innebär att alla event är inställda. Detta är en tillfällig åtgärd från och med lördag 14 november och som gäller tillsvidare. Det finns idag inget beslut om när vi kan öppna igen.

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Bästa hälsningar

Entanglement av Hannah McDonald

Utställning på Friplanket
Tema: Kärlek

When in love, it becomes easy to lose ourselves in another. Routines, preferences, intentions, desires become interwoven and intertwined over time. In only a matter of weeks our bodies and behaviours have learnt to match and react to one another, fitting together in a totally new way. Before they were a triangle trying to fit into a circle and over time the edges of the triangle have gently rounded and the circle has become less defined. Now they recognise and mirror each other and will never go back to being the original triangle and circle. They have not lost themselves but have adapted.

Vem är Hannah?
– I grew up in the South East of England, studied Painting and Printmaking at Glasgow School of Art and came to Akademin Valand on exchange in 2013. The people here caught me and since moving back in 2015 I have developed my own artistic practice. Alongside this I co-run Upper Hand gallery and teach yoga.

Vad vill du säga med din konst?
– I am interested in individuals’ emotions and social behaviour. Why is it we act as we do? How have we come to be who we are? How many of our actions are we aware of? What part of ourselves do we use to interact with others and what part do we hide? I want people to use their bodies when they see my work, to interact and engage in a physical as well as a visual way. I use my own body in the creation of the work, whether through setting myself a repetitive action, an endurance task or, for this work, exploring new gestures working from small to large scale.

Varför vill du ställa ut på Friplanket?
– I think it’s an incredible place in the city to be able to show work. And I love that it is continuously giving opportunities to artists; a constant stream of creation. This is my largest work to date and I’m very thankful and excited to be able to finally work on this scale.

Vad har du för framtidsdrömmar i relation till ditt konstnärskap?
– To keep working big. To create more murals and large installations that create play and engagement from the audience. I want to force people to interact with the work, exploring different physical presentations that the viewer encounters when entering a space. The work defines their movement and is “pushed” onto them.

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Var ligger Friplanket?

Friplanket ligger på Nya Allén, mitt emellan spårvagnshållplatsen Hagakyrkan och Järntorget. Så, går du av spårvagnen vid Hagakyrkan, håll dig till höger i riktning mot Järntorget så hittar du vår del av planket.

Friplanket är ett samarbete mellan Frilagret och Trafikverket.

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