Friplanket: Connecting with nature

/Friplanket: Connecting with nature
okt 28- Nov 17

Datum: 28 oktober 2019 - 17 november 2019

Tid: Dygnet runt

Inträde: Gratis

Övrigt: Plats: Friplanket ligger vid Pusterviksplatsen, på andra sidan kanalen om Feskekörka.


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Connecting with nature av Amanda Hernandez

My father is the universe,
My mother is the earth.
But many have forgotten,
Why we came to birth.
Stop fighting and hating,
Start care for yourself,
Cause that’s only creating,
Our own living hell.
Go out more in nature,
Breathe in the clean air.
Treat her with love,
And be honest and fair.
Then you will feel how your soul starts to burn,
And you will see all your prayers be heard.
By hurting the nature,
We’re hurting ourselves.
We need to rebuild her,
And give her our help.
By healing our mother,
We’re healing our souls.
That’s how we all can be one and whole.

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//Amanda Hernandez

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