Fringe Festival: The Sensemaker

/Fringe Festival: The Sensemaker
aug 29- aug 31

Datum: 29 augusti 2019 - 31 augusti 2019

Tid: Spelas tors 29/8 kl. 16.30–17.30, fre 30/8, kl. 16–17, samt lör 31/8, kl. 14-30–15.30 & 19–20

Inträde: Gratis


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Fringe Festival: The Sensemaker

Have you ever waited on the phone for way too long, with a repetitive Muzak playing on a loop and an irritating robotic voice telling you endlessly that your request is being processed?
Yes, you have… And so does the protagonist of ‘The Sensemaker’ until she is gradually stretched beyond her limits.

Mixing theatre and dance, this dystopian battle between a woman and an answering machine questions the effects of new technologies on our lives, as well as the laborious administrative procedures of our bureaucratic systems.

Picture by Kenny Mathieson


29/8, kl. 16.30–17.30

30/8, kl. 16–17

31/8, kl. 14-30–15.30 & 19–20

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