Dans: Under / Kawa no shita

/Dans: Under / Kawa no shita
Okt 14

Datum: 14 oktober 2017

Tid: 16:00 - 20:00

Inträde: 50 kr


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Föreställning kl. 16 och kl. 19!

Välkommen till dansprojektet Under / Kawa no shita av Pascal Marty och Takuya Fujisawa. 

“What is the pressure and the force that occur when two different spaces meet? An individual versus an individual, an individual versus a society, a nation versus a nation.

How do we perceive intention and sometimes misinterpret it? What is the thought process behind partial understanding? How to thread an idea from what we think we grasped? From what we think we know? This addresses some fundamental questions about the truth of a relationship without a full channel of communication but more importantly asks, are we ever understood?

What do we know of each other? What do we understand of one another?

What I want versus what I wanted. Just like a running river, carrying what’s left of who we are, still the same yet ever changing, shedding layers of self hoping that the one we once loved hasn’t fallen with them, hoping that we didn’t fall for the chrysalis but for the butterfly.”

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//Pascal Marty och Takuya Fujisawa