Dancing in the Dark

/Dancing in the Dark
apr 18

Datum: 18 april 2018

Tid: 17:00 - 18:00

Inträde: Gratis


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If yes, then we think you should join the first “Dancing in the Dark” event at Frilagret.

Who is this dance for?

It’ss for everyone (all ages) who likes to dance just for the fun of it or as a simple work out session.

Why is the room dark?

Because you should feel free to dance for yourself without any pressure to dance as anyone else.

What is the time plan?

17.00 We will meet in the Black box at Frilagret
17.05 We will start a 55 minutes long playlist and DANCE
18.00 Music will stop and everyone goes home

Is it free?

Yes, one of the reasons why we started this was to contribute to more places where you can dance/work out for free. We hope we can keep it like this.

What should I wear?

Whatever you consider as comfy clothes.

What should I NOT wear?

Shoes (to avoid accidents on the dance floor).

Any rules?

1. No talking during the dance (but please talk before and after ;)).
2. Respect each others dance spaces (it will not be completely dark so you will be able to keep your distances to the other dancers)
3. This is a community so each participant contributes to make the place a good place. For example you can help out with making a playlist now and then.

Håll dig uppdaterad via eventet på Facebook (öppnas i ny flik)!

Hope to see you at the dance floor!

All the best,
The initiators – Angelica & Elina