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22/4 Trashy Game Jam 2017

Publicerat 7 april, 2017
22/4 Trashy Game Jam 2017

Trashy Game Jam 2017

Kl. 16 – 21
Gratis inträde

When your flow is glowing its time to get your Trashy Game Jam going!

It´s time again, oh yeaaaah! This is the game jam where you just make a game, digital or analog, in the epic time of only 4 hours. Oh, also its about letting go of all your pretensions and predefined definitions of art, but seriously, who cares: ignore that and just make a trashy game.

Bring the stuff you need to make your game (or your teams game if you wanna Jam together). There are some tables, a few power outlets and some chairs.

16: The Game Jam starts, the 4 hours of fun begins! Try to make something without breaking it ( seriously don´t break stuff… just create stuff)
20: … and STOP! Let´s see what crazy games you all made and play them.
21: Bye Bye, Thanks for being awesome

Feel free to upload your game here!

Bjud gärna in till eventet på facebook (öppnas i ny flik).

//Trashy Game Jam

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